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Why We Should Import More


We are luckily in an economic incline that has unemployment at a new time low. With business doing well, you as a business owner might be thinking about expanding. You’re doing well and you have orders coming in that require a larger range of inventory. Rather than looking for a bigger factory or a local vendor, you should think about importing overseas. Imports are a viable part of the American economy and there are reasons why we should be importing supplies at a higher volume.

Cost of Labor is Cheaper

Ultimately, as a manufacturer, you want to save money. By being able to save money in some areas, you will be able to use that money that you saved for other aspects of your business that you may have to cut due to tight budgeting. The cost of labor is cheaper overseas, so you can afford high volume manufacturing so to be able to provide a high volume of goods for customers. By taking advantage of imports, you can help increase your sales, and isn’t this what any business wants so that they can continue their success?

Better Quality Materials

There’s no surprise that quality leather comes from Italy. If you are a company that is selling leather belts, it is going to be alluring for costumers to see that you import your leather from Italy. Not only is this a good selling point, but you are also ensuring that costumers will come back and want to tell others that your business is where they should go for imported Italian leather. 

Every country has its strengths and its weaknesses, so depending on what business you are, you want to look towards countries that specialize in the materials you can utilize.

Materials Not Available in Your Country

We talked about how certain countries have perfected certain materials. But, there are some items that may not even be available in your country. For instance, there are some fruits that do not grow in America but grow elsewhere. Being able to import these fruits will not only open a relationship between you and another company but also be alluring for costumers who are disheartened that they can’t buy something in the United States.

Strengthening Foreign Relationships

Trade has been something that has been done for years, but at one point America was self-sustained. While some people see it as a bad thing that we are reliant on other country’s goods, take North Korea for instance. Their stance on not importing from other countries has lowered its economy and has made items like food scarce. By not trading with other countries, you are also hurting your foreign relationships. It’s a good thing to create a working relationship with others and by working together, you can really build the other up.

Instead of trying to dissuade people from importing, companies should realize the benefits of importing for their companies and what this means for the American market. Importing is how the world expands and how people communicate better, as it means building a stronger relationship with each other.


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